Sunday, July 29, 2007

Chocolate Milk or Juice?

Along with many of the other things she finds interesting about babies, the most intriqueing part for Bree has been the whole nursing concept. She just thinks it's weird that the baby gets his "baby food" from Mommy's chest. So far in the past few weeks she's suggested that she'd like to nurse him, and also held some of her stuffed animals up to her chest while I've been feeding Noah. Well, to help with this whole feeding baby thing, we bought Bree two little bottles. You know, the kind where they have juice or milk inside that magically disappears when you tip them upside down? And now, sometimes when Mommy's nursing the baby, Bree will feed one of her dollies from the bottles.

Well, the other day, I was feeling pretty smart-alecky and as I switched Noah to nurse on the other side I winked at my Mom and said, "Now I think he wants to try the chocolate milk side." Brianna was in the room when I said this and in her sweet naivety she now sometimes will ask me if Noah's getting chocolate milk or juice while he's nursing. :P

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Little "Catch Up" on the Side

Whew! Okay, so it's been tougher than I thought to keep up with everything this past week or so between the seemingly constant nursing, the parade of family and friends coming to meet Noah, and my tendency to take a nap whenever I get a free minute instead of blog. :) Anyways, it's been a little crazy since the whole giving birth thing 11 days ago. But, here's some pix to catch you right back up with what's been going on....
We've had quite a few visitors coming to meet the new addition. Besides Grammy Deb and Grammy Dee-Dee, Great Grandpa and Grandma were here along with Cousins Julia and Amy for awhile as well.
Here Noah's getting to know my dad, his Grandpa Randy.

Aunt Missy and Cody also came through town for a quick visit.
It's been super smoky here in the Bitterroot Valley. There are fires in the nearbye forests and the valley has a natural inversion so the smoke just sits here and lingers. Makes for an unpleasant breathing experience but kind of cool on the mountains....

Also makes for a pretty cool orangy-pink sun as well. But, needless to say it's not the best thing for newborns so we've spent a lot of time indoors.

That's okay though, this kind of activity is more Noah's speed right now and big sister Bree was happy to take him by the hand (literally, see she's holding his hand?) and show him how it works.

Pointing out an important feature...

Awww...look how nice they play together! Brianna is discovering a renewed interest in all her old baby toys. :)

Finally we had a more clear day and we decided to take little Noah for his first outing, a trip to the little park about 3 blocks down. Brianna had to help push the stroller, being the big girl, of course.

Then she talked everyone into lining up and digging for her. She was sort of the commando of the sand box.

Meanwhile, the park didn't seem to leave a real big impression on Noah.
In fact, predictably, this is what he spends most of his time doing...

Taking a quick snooze here...

Another light nap there...just catching up on the zz's that Mom's not getting. (How thoughtful of him!) No really, he's been a super easy and laid back little guy and I'm feeling really grateful for that considering my first child's more, ahem, high maintenance personality shall we say.

Yup, this is the story of Noah's life so far. I included this shot though so you can see how his face is starting to round out and pudge up. We went to his first Dr. appt. since birth the other day and in only 10 days he'd gained a pound and three ounces! Holy Cow! The doctor said, "Is he a bit of a chow hound?" I guess so huh?!

Super "Branna"!!

I've been super lucky over this past week to have my mom here to help out while I get on my feet and figure out the balancing act of having two kids. She's been invaluable if only for the fact that she has been a great distraction for Bree, keeping her busy and helping her not feel left out while I'm nursing or resting. One of the things Mom did was sew Brianna a "super cape" which was a big hit.

"Super Branna" protecting the neighborhood in cape and helmet. (Safety first and all...)

Running with the speed of light, or at least, a really fast preschooler!

Bad guys watch out!

"Super Branna" is there to say "stop" if you're acting naughty.

You have to love it... running through the grass barefoot in summer pretending to be a superhero. Classic...

Monday, July 23, 2007

3 going on 13...

I think it's been said before, but I having a 3 year old is kind of like having a know they both have tantrums, want a lot of independence, slam doors and give you a lot of attitude in general. If you doubt that then take this little story as an example...

The other day Bree got a late birthday present in the mail. She was so excited to open it...and when she did she found a My Little Pony inside, which she loved and insisted on playing with right then. (Thanks Becca!) This is all good and well and you would think, innocent enough. And it all was...until Bree found the little brochure inside the My Little Pony packaging. You know, the one that pretty much comes with every toy you buy that lists all the other fun toys that company and/or line of toys makes. After eyeing it for awhile Brianna decided that she really NEEDS the little pony house. We said, that's nice we'll keep that in mind for Christmas and thought the matter closed. It apparently was not closed though when a few days later Bree came out holding the picture of the pony house. (She had saved the brochure in her room.) She asked where it was, why didn't she have one in her room and told us she needed one. Then without even waiting for our response just abruptly blurted out, "I HATE my life!"

We were shocked! I have no idea where she picked up that little jewel but I didn't let her get away with it. I started telling her how nice her life is and etc. Geesh, not like she's spoiled or anything...just that she HATES her life if she doesn't get the toy she wants RIGHT NOW!

What will we do with her? :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

From the Mouths of Babes...About Babes

Just a few one-liners that we've heard Bree say regarding Noah over the past few days:

  • "Mom, you just call me if you need help putting him back in your tummy. Then we could have TWO brothers!"
  • "I think we should keep him."
  • "Why is my baby crying?"
  • "Mom, I have milk in my chest too. Wanna try some?"
  • "Mom, thanks for my brother!"
  • "Why is he pooping!?"
  • "Why is he whining?"
  • "Why is he sleeping?"
  • (While wiggling his toes) "Hi! I have teensy toes!"
  • (After someone called him "Sweetie") "He's NOT a sweetie!" (And bursting into tears.)

Overall pretty positive responses to him so far. Of course, she doesn't really mind him so much as she does the adults in her life giving him any attention. When that happens we have had a few incidents of biting, hitting, and physical type attention getters... But she does like getting to be the big helper. She really likes to "help" change his diapers by gently patting his little buns with a wipe and has tried really hard to convince me that she's just as perfectly capable of nursing him as I am..she's always asking to feed him.

All pretty standard pre-school big sister adjustment type stuff. :)

More Bree-isms

Just a few more little sayings I find funny...

  • "Hippie!" This is said when Brianna is cheering about something, she says it instead of "yippee!" Somehow she's mixed up the sounds and I find it pretty amusing.

  • "Best EVER!" So, Bree is into declaring that this or that is the "best she ever had" before. Say, if she's particularly enjoying an ice cream cone she may say "Mom, this is the best ice cream I ever had!" and so on. However, the next time she's doing that exact same eating another ice cream cone a few days later she'll decide that THAT is the best one ever. I guess I think it's funny that they're ALL the best and also to hear her declaring that it's the best ever in her entire long life experience... I guess it's the best ice cream cone she's ever had out of the few she's had. :P

  • "Genius!" Bree loves to decide that something is "genius." The first time she said it, she said it in reference to her dad and he was quite smug about it. However, the next time she said it she was referring to something she liked, I think it was food... "These noodles are genius!" I'm not really sure she knows what the word means but the way she uses it, she usually means that something is good or fun.

  • "Rusty Steve, Pullseye" Then there are those times when Bree just plain old has misheard or doesn't understand a phrase and repeats it -wrong. This particular one is from one of her favorite shows, Toy Story 2. The phrase is suppose to be, the "trusty steed Bullseye." :D

  • "Chill Down" Bree's version of "chill out," a phrase which I say to her alot when she seems to be on the verge of a meltdown. Of course, she turned it around and uses it on me and will tell me to "chill down" if she thinks I'm getting crazy on her.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Just Like Big Sister

Here Noah is only 2 days old and I'm already comparing him to his sister! (Poor kid!) Actually, I couldn't help but compare because our new little guy looks so much like Bree did in her baby pictures. In fact, almost eerily so...I guess you can tell they have the same Mommy and Daddy. Still, Travis and I just can't help but keep commenting how familiar he looks and yet, he's more masculine looking somehow. Anyways, wanted to share some pix of newborn Bree alongside Noah so you can see for look carefully here or you won't be able to tell which baby is which!






Is it just me or are they related? :) Well, I guess he'll be a cutie then since his sister is pretty darn cute if I do say so!


Noah Travis Taylor
born Friday July 13, 2007 at 1:08 pm
6 lbs. 4 oz.
20 inches long

Here we are at the hospital at the very beginning of my labor. (You can tell it's the beginning since I'm still smiling.) Around 4 hours of unsmiling labor later though.... came Noah! 6 lbs and 4 oz and 20 inches long. That's a whole 2 oz. and 1 and 1/2 inches bigger than his big sister, but still a relatively dinky kid. I guess I just have small babies. (Whew!) Anyways, this is Grandma with him just a few minutes after he was born.

Noah hanging with Mom...

and here studying Trav and thinking, "'re my Daddy."
Aren't they cute together?

Then is was time for Noah to meet the big sister.
Bree's eyes say it all here..."Whoa! This isn't what I thought you meant when you said I was getting a little brother!"

"...Hmmm. Well, maybe this isn't SO bad."

"Allright. He seems okay. I'll just kiss the kid to humor Mom and Dad anyways."

The proud Papa with both his kiddos. I find it so weird that I can now refer to "my kids" plural.
(Bree stole Noah's little knit cap to wear. She apparently thought it quite sporty. Actually after she put it on she was hopping around the hospital room pretending it was Christmas. I guess she thought it looked like a winter cap??)

And look, Travis can already make him smile for the camera!

Our new little guy. I know I'm biased but I think he's adorable!

Monday, July 09, 2007

When I was a Born Baby

With my due date only 2 weeks away now, we had our hospital tour the other day to familiarize us with the hospital layout, the labor and delivery rooms, etc. We took Brianna with us so that when she comes to visit me in the hospital she'll have seen it all before and won't feel too threatened and so on. Actually she was pretty cute about it. She took a look around the L & D room, pointed to the bed and then said, "Mom, is that where you're gonna lay?" (Don't ask me HOW she knew that!) We also saw some new babies who were crying whereupon Brianna was promptly asking "Why is that baby whining?" (We're working on NOT whining and bursting into immediate tears with Bree at this particular stage but asking things in a normal voice instead.) Then at the end of our tour Bree pulled on my pantleg and said, "Mom, I have to tell you something." So, I leaned down and she whispered in my ear, "I'm gonna teach my baby brother how to run, and jump, and play..." and the list went on. It was about the cutest thing ever!

So, naturally with the arrival of baby brother looming imminent on the horizon for us, besides our tour there's been a lot of talk around here about they cry a lot and how they don't eat people food yet and etc. We'll say, "Newborn babies..." and then start off with some explanation regarding newborn babies. Brianna seems to take it all pretty well so far. Although, I think she's already starting to feel a little left out with all the newborn talk. So, to get herself back into the discussion her newest phrase is "When I was a born baby..." and then she'll launch off into some story about what she did when she was a "born baby." Apparently she had quite the adventures in her first few months including having hummingbirds land on her, walking, talking, etc. Some amazing things for a newborn to do really. The other thing she's quite sure of is that she used bottles when she was a "born baby." In reality, she never used even a one, she hated the things and refused to take milk from an artificial nipple. We tried to tell her that she didn't like them but to no avail, she remembers it better than me apparently.... :)

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Summer Fun

Just thought I'd take a minute to share a few shots of some of the classic summer moments around here:

Of course, it wouldn't be summer without lots of watermelon! Bree loves the stuff and I'm sure, if we let her, she could polish off a whole watermelon just to herself. As it is, she likes her pieces to be big ones.

Judging by this expression, some of the best things in life are the simplest. Pure watermelon joy.

Can't say I blame the kid though, who doesn't like watermelon? I'm not above enjoying a cool, crisp slice myself. Although, I mostly included this one so you all can see my "shelf" there..I'm getting pretty wide!

There's been a whole lot of bike riding around here too. Brianna is much improved in her technique since she got the bike a few weeks ago and can now be seen happily pedaling around the driveway and nearbye sidewalks.

Of course, you have to stop and investigate any interesting bugs on the sidewalk (Daddy's influence, naturally).

There's nothing like a nice swim in the summer as well. We have a little blow up pool we can set up in the backyard that Bree loves to splash in on hot days. She usually starts out in a bathing suit but for some reason seems to wind up in just her swim diaper by the end. Here she's also modeling an old pair of her daddy's goggles she found that she thinks are quite the swimming accesory.

She does look quite stunning in them. :)

And, if a swim doesn't cool you off Bree has no issues hosing you down with a squirt gun, she's got a gun and she's not afraid to use it. (Obviously, look at her little mischievious face, she's gotten me pretty good several times.) Her and Daddy like to have squirt gun fights quite often.

Puppy Love

Last weekend Grammy Deb and Poppa Roger came to visit us for the first time since we've moved into the house. We had a lot of fun showing them all our progress around the house and hanging out. Rog and Trav managed to build some garage shelves and get in a good dose of fishing as well while us girls did some shopping and so on. But the highlight of the whole trip for Bree was probably the fact that the grandparents brought their dog, Deja, with them. It was a serious case of puppy love on Bree's part. She really wants her own dog and even though we're not considering it right now, figuring that having a newborn will be an adventure enough for this summer, it is a little tempting when you see just how much fun one little girl can have with a dog...

Ah yes, puppy love as they stare deep into each other's eyes.

Forget about teaching the dog tricks, Brianna learned a few new ones from the dog! Like this little charmer, scratching your face with your hind leg. Monkey see monkey do...

Then there was the pant off...It was a close call but I'm pretty sure the Deja won that one!

And there was a whole lot of chasing and running games as well...

After all that, they had to take a rest together. cute!

Monday, July 02, 2007


One of Bree's favorite shows right now is Wonder Pets. Which, I actually don't mind because it's a fairly harmless little show and it emphasizes working together as well. They even sing a little song, "What's gonna work? TEAMWORK!"

Well, this has apparently rubbed off a bit on Brianna. Not that she means to, and not that I'm complaining, but Bree's a preschooler so usually she's more making a mess than helping clean one or she's getting in the way while you try to do whatever it is you're trying to do. This was not the case the other day however when I came home with some bags of groceries. It was the end of the day, I'd left to shop after Travis had gotten home, and so I was tired and wasn't even really going to unload the bags all right that minute. But, just then Bree got bitten by the helpful bug and immediately began rummaging through the sacks, finding things that she knew where they go, and putting them away, in the right spot! For example, if we have apples I usually keep them in a bowl on the table or counter. So, Bree spotted the apples and said, "I'm gonna put these apples in the apple bowl, that's where they live!" Then she put some canned goods into the pantry...And all the while she was singing "What's gonna work? TEAMWORK!"

Let's hope this is going to be a new trend! :)