Thursday, May 31, 2007

Memorial Weekend

For Memorial Day Weekend my parents drove over for a visit. They were here for four days and we sure managed to cram in a lot of stuff! I thought I'd give you the pictorial version of their visit so here goes.....

One of the first things we did after the grandparents arrived was plant a few plants in the flower beds. It's just now getting warm enough to plant here and of course my mom was sure to bring me plenty of starts from her own plants. Bree was so excited about it! She was really funny running all over helping to "make the plants happy" by patting their soil and giving them a drink of water from her tiny watering can. (Which for some reason she was calling her "honey pot." I think it has to do with one of her favorite Berenstain Bears books.) What's funny in this shot is you can see the tiny work gloves she's got on. Grammy Dee Dee bought them but I have no idea where she found tiny gardening gloves!

Of course, Brianna had to take our guests to the park. She loves the park. Morning noon and night she's asking to go to the "play park." So we got a good dose of the park. In fact, Grammy literally had to grab Brianna and run away from the park to get her to leave. I think it must have surprised Bree because she actually kind of went with it and for once didn't have a meltdown over the fact we were leaving the park. I don't think that's a move I can copy and get away with though. :)

Bree and "Sick" the poodle hanging out in one of the tiny playhouses at the park.

One day we decided to take a drive over Skalkaho Pass, which is snowed over and closed most of the year but just recently opened up for the season. It was kind of surreal since we left the valley with the sun shining and at the top of the pass it was snowing! It was a beautiful drive though and along the way we saw the Skalkaho Falls.

We surprised this moose along the way as well. Too early in the season for his horns to have grown in though.

Once we got over the pass we reached our destination on the other side of the mountain...a saphire mine. They'll sell you buckets of mine ore and you can sort through and actually find raw saphires. Here we all are "mining." It was a bit chilly though.

Here's me searching for my "treasure" as Bree was calling it. You only really find very small gems but it's pretty fun. After you've sorted your bucket you can take in your find and the staff there will evaluate your saphires and tell you how many carats you have and which ones you can actually cut and put into jewelry. By the end we each left with a little baggie full of tiny saphires in all colors. Bree though thought all the rocks were pretty and had sorted out a pile of pretty little pebbles that she left with, just as happy to have those as everyone else was with their gemstones.

Another day we took a hike up to Blodgett Overlook. Bree walked part of the way....

And rode on Daddy's back the rest of the way. (Check out the bangs.)

It's a mile and a half to the top but worth the effort...the view of the valley below from the peak is awesome!

That's one happy hike-ateer. (Well wouldn't you be if someone carried you all the way up?!) :)

One of the last things we did was visit an old ghost town nearbye called Granite. This is the old Miners Hall.

The town was an old mining town and it died out when the mining got bad. There's a lot of these types of towns around the area I guess.

And here's one of the ghosts in the "Ghost Town." :) She's all bundled up in Grammy's sweatshirt since the town is at a higher elevation and still very snowy and cold.

So, that's was our long weekend fun! Oh, not to mention that we completely finished painting and setting up the nursery for the little man and also did some work in Bree's room as well. (I'll post a few pix of the new rooms later.) Whew! We really squeezed every minute out of our time!

Home Hair-Do

So, you may notice something new about Brianna in the latest pix I post of her....she has a new haircut, and it's one of her own design. Yep, Bree has now done that classic kid move, given herself a home chop job on her hair!! AACK!

I suppose it was really my fault though. See, Brianna has had this fascination with scissors for awhile now. I use them quite shears in the kitchen and then I've been sewing quite a bit as well so I have fabric scissors. Not to mention, sometimes I use scissors when Brianna and I do art projects from time to time. Well, every time I have a pair out Bree just is hooked to my side, watching raptly and asking can she use them and etc.? This usually ends in tears when I have to say no. Finally the other day I thought to myself, "Well, she IS almost 3 and maybe I could buy her a tiny pair of safety scissors, just for craft time and only when I'm there to supervise her." Yeah, famous last thought on safety scissors.....

So I bought her a pair of safety scissors. She was extremely thrilled and we had a talk about them being sharp, only touching the handle, etc. (And actually Bree is very good about that stuff, very responsible for her age I'd say.) So, the first day she owned them she happily cut up some construction paper and then glue-sticked it back onto another paper. "Great." I think. "That's nice."

The next day my parents arrived in town and Grammy Dee Dee and Bree played with clay. Bree has a little clay set that is a barber shop. (You already see where this is going don't you??) In the set you make the little clay people and animals grow hair by pushing the clay out the holes in their head. Then you use little plastic scissors to trim the hair off and start again. After a few minutes Bree was insisting that her little plastic scissors weren't working very well and that she wanted to cut the clay hair with her safety scissors. I thought "Sure, why not?" and let her do it. I assume this must have given Brianna a big idea... Later in the day as both Grammy and I were distracted with making dinner the clay play stuff was left sitting on the kitchen table, along with the safety scissors. And...before you could stop her Bree grabbed up her scissors and had hacked off some of her bangs. She had the scissors raised again to cut off another piece when all four adults were going "NO! NO!" This of course made her immediately burst into tears. So, there we were with half her bangs cut really pretty short. In her defense I had let her bangs get really long and they were probably hanging in her eyes and bugging her...(the plan was to grow them out so she had no bangs plan now I guess).

We ended up taking her to get the bangs evened out and I'm still getting used to the new do. It's not my favorite but I guess that's what I get. For one thing, I feel pretty stupid buying her the dang safety scissors in the first place (esp. at her age), and for another I should have anticipated (esp. in light of the clay play activity) that this idea would occur to her and given her the "We only cut paper." talk much sooner. Oh well...I suppose it really could have been worse. She didn't chop all the way to the scalp or anything or poke her own eye out. Word to the wise to anyone out there scissors are sharp enough to cut hair!!

Well, here's the new look. I'm calling it "Bangs a la Bree!"
And see, not the worst home chop job ever....

Friday, May 25, 2007

Pet Tick

I'm not a real sqeamish female. No, I'm not the type who screams at the sight of a bug and I've been known to squash my own spiders. However, I am kind of creeped out by ticks. I think because they bite you, burrow into your skin, and then may possibly give you a horrible illness, like Lyme's disease. The whole idea that one might be on you at this very moment sucking your blood and you haven't found it yet just gives me the shivers.

Unfortunately for me ticks are rampant in this part of the country. In fact it's the tick I have to thank for my husband's job even. He's here studying tick-born viruses (meaning diseases you get from tick bites). Specifically I think he's looking at a tick-born encephalitis (oh, look it up!). His entire workplace actually is funded on the backs of ticks since it was originally built to study Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which you get from, yep, ticks! So, all this to say that the ticks are everywhere here! Everytime you go anywhere mildly outdoorsy you have to do a thorough check afterwards for ticks. (Picture us all yelling "Tick check!" after getting home from an outing and sorting through each other's hair like monkeys at the zoo.)

Much to my creeped-outness we have found several on or around us after playing in the great outdoors. The most recent was after a hike last weekend Trav found one crawling in Bree's hair! (The head is one of their favorite places to attach themselves) Uggh! Travis says they take their time to bite you but in my mind the thing was just minutes away from biting her and who knows what it might have given her. Filthy little disease bugs!

Anyways, so every time Trav finds one he kills it by putting it in some rubbing alchohal in a test tube. Then he looks at it and stuff to see what kind it is etc. Brianna finds this fascinating and this last time was insisting on holding the tube with the dead, floating tick inside it all around the house. She apparently does not share my phobia of ticks. (Although we did go through a very short phase of about two weeks awhile back where she was terrified of all buggies and would scream bloody, bloody, murder if she saw so much as a gnat.) She was talking to the tick and when we got ready to head out to run some errands she even asked if the tick could come with us!

Now, I consider myself a pretty laid back woman when it comes to this kind of stuff. I mean, I don't cry when I break a nail, my husband collects dead insects, I like to go fishing, etc. But I draw the line at having a pet tick!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Reverse Reverse Psychology

Reverse phsychology has been one of the revered tools of parenting toddlers and preschoolers for quite a while. Sometimes, nothing works better than agreeing with an irrational request and watch your kid scramble to take the other side. (After all, who wants to be in agreement with their parents huh?) However, unfortunately, and much to my huge disappointment, this technique does not work with Bree by and large. I don't know if she's just smarter than me or what but not only does it not work on her but she usually manages to turn it directly around on me. Take this prime example:

The other day I was just tired of picking up after her. Every day the same story, all her toys scattered around in all the rooms of the house and especially in the living room. And all on the floor, which is a problem for me since these days bending over repeatedly to grab them off the floor either makes me feel like I'm going to vomit or faint depending on how recently I've eaten a meal. It just squishes my baby belly even more than the baby does. So, fed up I was determined to make Bree help. I know she's old enough to help out and smart enough to get the idea. I say, "Brianna Rose, help me pick up all your toys that are making a mess in here." I get ignored. "Bree, put your toys in the baskets please. We need to clean up." More ignoring. (She's learned not to flat out tell me no but just pretends not to hear me.) Well, finally after awhile I said, "That's okay. You don't have to pick them up. You have too many toys anyways so I'm gonna throw the ones that aren't in the basket in the trash."

So, you'd think that would work. But, no. Maybe she doesn't take me seriously or I haven't followed through on that kind of statement enough but instead of getting off her butt to help me pick up she says to me, "That's okay. You can throw them away. I don't need them. Just not the ones in my room okay?" Of course, this made me feel kind of bad and guilty about threatening to throw away her toys....What the heck?! She reverse, reverse psychologied me! Is that the answer you would expect your almost 3 yr. old to give you??! I ask you!!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Trix are for Kids, and Other Mean Ads on TV's always been sort of a little bit of a guilt trip for me. How much should I let Bree watch? What should I let her watch? Is she watching too much? Should I feel bad if I let it "babysit" her while I do a few chores around the house?

Well, now there's a whole new dimension to feel bad about: the ads. See, Brianna is now old enough that the ads are starting to sink in for her. So, if some cereal says it's yummy then she just buys it hook line and sinker and will run up to me to tell me that such and such a cereal is "grrrreat!" or whatever. Frankly I think this is just mean. Ads in kids' shows should be outlawed if you ask me. They know exactly what they're doing appealing to the kids who are young and naive enough to believe every word they say....and it sucks if you're the parent. Sure, as a kid I never really minded them but now getting the feedback about certain toys etc. I'm bothered by the whole thing. It's almost worse in the grocery store. Have you noticed how many food products have pictures of cartoons on them? And how you have to talk your kid out of some junk food crap for over 10 minutes all because it has a picture of your kid's favorite TV personality on there? Cereal, snacks, fruit drinks...AACK!

And, when a new kids' movie is coming out it's even worse. I think there were over 50 products in the store with Shrek on them. This last time at the grocery store I ended up buying "Shrek cereal" (Rice Krispies), "Spiderman Cereal" (Cheerios), and "Spiderman drinks" (Capri Sun, fruit flavored water packs). (Not real sure why Bree's into Spiderman. She's never really seen or read about him, other than the darn TV ADS!) Now, needless to say that I didn't let Bree talk me into buying anything that was too unhealthy or that I wouldn't buy normally but I was flabbergasted at just how often she tried to throw something into the cart soley based on the picture on the package. Geesh!

Of course, it probably doesn't help that we're taking her to a matinee of Shrek this weekend. She's excited about it coming out and we haven't taken her to a movie in the theater yet (that she can remember) so it should be fun. Yes, notice how I'll feel free to complain about the ills of society and all but then I'll still buy the damn stuff and therefore perpetuate the cycle. What can I say? I'm American, it's how we work..... :P

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day

I hope everyone out there had as great a Mother's Day as I had because mine was pretty special. :) It all started when Bree first woke up yesterday morning. Travis was quick to get out of bed and get her. "Let me tell you something..." I heard him say quietly and then I think he was whispering to her about Mother's Day and letting me sleep in and stuff. This is really the first year that she's been old enough to even kind of get it. Anyways, I was laying there trying to be sleeping, (of course, with the old Mommy instincts I had popped awake when I first heard Brianna), hoping maybe I would be able to fall back asleep. But, it wasn't but five minutes later that Travis had forgotten something in the master bathroom and so he sneaked back into the room, with Brianna hot on his heels naturally. Once she was inside the room she announced in her usual exuberant tone of voice, "I'M TIP-TOEING SO I WON'T WAKE UP MY MOM!" Thoughtful of her to tip-toe but the loud voice kind of made it a moot point. Well, I managed to keep my eyes closed but I was smirking. Finally, a few minutes later they were off to the grocery store to buy a few things (procrastinators!). When they got back a short time later there was really no hope of getting any more sleep. Bree ran into the room and yelled, "WAKE UP! IT'S MOTHER'S DAY! WE GOT YOU CHOCOLATES!" Then she informed me "YOU LOVE THEM!" And that was how it started....the rest of the day they did an equally good job of doing a kind of bungled and enddearing type of pampering. It was a very nice day. :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Miss Independence AKA Preschool Prima Donna

Just a few quick examples of life with a diva who is almost 3 but is going on 13........

So, Brianna has known her daddy's name for some time now and feels free to use it whenever the mood strikes her. Recently she's also figured out my name as well and can be heard strolling up to me and saying, "Hey Beth....." This was what happened at our little playgroup the other day. All the kids were playing and I guess Bree wanted to include me in the fun. She walked over and said, "Hey Beth, want to play cars?" In response I said, "Sure, and you can call me Mom." Another mom in the group looked at me and said, "Did she just call you Beth??!!" I know it must be a bit confusing for her, since she hears other people, like her daddy, call me Beth and not Mom, why I don't really want her calling me Beth. But, I thought the parent on a first name basis thing was more of a rebellious teen phase then a preschool phase?

Bree is very into dressing herself lately. This has led to some amusement on my part though, watching her turn in circles as she tries to find the other arm of her jacket (with one arm already inserted). Or, having her come out from her room with a horribly unmatched outfit, the shirt on correctly and a pair of pants on backwards and unzipped in the back to reveal that she has decided to go commando under there.... :)

Like all kids the older she gets the more Brianna is understanding social interactions and cause and effect. That is to say, she's figuring out how to push people's (her parents' in particular's) buttons to get what she wants rather effectively. In particular her whining drives us nuts. Prolonged exposure to high-pitched, insistent wailing is just not fun by any means. Our usual response to this behavior is to try to ignore it as best we can. We'll say, "I can't hear you when you're talking like that. Talk in a normal voice." Of course, despite saying this you can't help but let it get to you after a while, it just automatically raises your blood pressure and puts you on edge. Her grasp of this however was recently demonstrated to me very plainly....I don't even remember what exactly was going on but as happens quite often, Bree wanted something and her and I weren't exactly seeing eye to eye on it when she looked me directly in the eye and said to me, "Mom, don't make me whine!"
Okay, this picture actually has nothing to do with any of the stories up there. But, I thought this was rather a "diva-licious" look, isn't it? :) This is from another series of outdoor fun shots that we're still editing. So, more pix soon.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Sous Chef

I've never really been that good at doing playtime at a toddler level, I get bored fast and it seems like each time I sit down to play "doll house" or "doctor" I can think of a million things I need to do around the house. Especially lately what with trying to get the new house looking the way I want and prep for the new baby and such. Lucky for me Bree is getting old enough that she can be included more in what I'm doing around the house. Her new favorite thing to do is cook. She plays Sous Chef and dumps all the ingredients into the bowl or skillet and stirs and then I do the rest. This has been great for us since I can still be "getting stuff done" off my list of TO DO items and Bree has a blast while also getting some quality interaction time with mom. So, everyday we either make dinner together or we bake cookies or a quick bread or something along those lines. It's good for both of us since Brianna gets to learn about measuring and doing things in order by the directions (a GREAT listening skill for her) and I've ended up doing a lot more baking than normal...a bonus since it's been one of my goals to always have a healthy, homemade snack on hand. (After all, I'd much rather hand my kid, or husband for that matter, an oatmeal raisin cookie or a slice of banana bread that I know has some nutritional value than most of the crappy pre-made snacks you get from the store.) So, like I said it's a good thing all around.

However, this isn't to say that we haven't had some baking mishaps. One of the first things Brianna figured out is that she has to pour things into the bowl SLOWLY, especially liquids. She learned this the hard way after pouring them in so fast they sloshed out the other side. Same goes for stirring, also learned the hard way. And just today she learned about pepper...that too much is just too much and that it makes you sneeze like crazy in large amounts. Yep, while I had my hands full sliding dinner into the oven she managed to very carefully measure out about 5 tablespoons full of the stuff, 1 spoonful at a time out onto the cutting board. (Thank goodness it wasn't into anything we were going to eat!) "Too much pepper!" I exclaimed and quickly gathered up the pepper and measuring spoons. Naturally then she started sneezing and we had to have a little discussion about pepper and also how we only add ingredients when Mommy is helping. It was kind of funny though....

Yep, the whole cooking together thing does take a little patience on my part but I have to say overall, it's way less stressful on my nerves than having a whiny toddler pulling on my pantleg the whole time.

Monday, May 07, 2007

A Girl Who Knows What She Wants

Bree has always had a very strong little personality. She knows exactly what she likes and doesn't like and isn't afraid to tell you about it. (A quality I hope she holds onto as she gets older!) So, it's not like the personality trait is's just that I've found it pretty funny to watch as the older she gets the more able she is to express her little opinions.

I've been especially amused by the fact that she has a list of what she wants for her birthday. (Man, that birthday ticker is getting awfully close to the 3! I can't believe it, already!) I mean, its a totally normal thing, you ask someone what they want for they're birthday and they tell you. I guess I just didn't think that on the verge of turning 3 that Bree would actually have some thoughts on the issue. Every major gift-giving occasion so far Travis and I have just pretty much guessed what she might want or what would be fun and that's what she gets. But not this year! Even though her birthday is a few months away yet it's been a pretty big topic of conversation around here. I think for two reasons: 1) because we keep telling her that her birthday is in the summer and a little while after that her brother will be getting here, and 2) virtually every time we meet someone new in the neighborhood or around town they seem to ask "How old is she?" (Usually after hearing her talk for awhile.) Then Bree is very proud to answer, "I'm two and a half! But I'm gonna be three." Then lately she'll add, "In June!" (This last part she's just learned...that her birthday is in June and she likes to tell people. Of course it was kind of funny the other day when someone took it a step further than normal and asked Bree, "When in June?" At this she turned to me and said, "Mom?")

Anyways, every time it happens I find the whole conversation pretty amusing for some reason. And, what do you think follows up the June comment? Yep, she'll tell you what she'd like you to get her for her birthday. It doesn't matter if she just met you 5 minutes ago, she'll let you know. What, might you ask, is on a 3 year old's list? Well, naturally she wants a Sherriff Woody Doll to go with her Buzz Lightyear that she already has. And, after getting to play with one recently she's also added a Barbie Doll to that list. (But don't get any ideas family...her Mom and Dad plan to buy her those items from us. Yeah, we're taking all the easy ideas for gifts already. :P)

That's her entire list so far. I guess she's not too spoiled only asking for a few things. And, I have to say the balance is kind of funny you have to admit. While they're both dolls she wants one boy, coyboy doll and one prissy girl doll. Which, in my opinion, is a great combo to keep her a well balanced and independent minded little gal. :)

Friday, May 04, 2007

An Answer for Everything

Once again, I guess I am unprepared for how fast Brianna is growing up. She continually does things that I wouldn't have thought she would do until she was, thinking that she has an answer for everything. Here are 3 little examples:

One of our current struggles is to get her to start cleaning up after herself a little bit. Maybe this is unrealistic but I've been trying to get her to at least tidy up after herself...she leaves little tornadoes of messes in EVERY room. (Usually about 5 minutes after I've cleaned it.) And I'm getting pretty tired of following her around trying to keep up with the mess. So, the other day after she'd pretty much thrown every toy she owns into the middle of her room I said to her, "Hey, your room is a mess. Why don't you and Bogart pick up your room together?" I dunno, Bogart was sitting right there in the room and I guess I thought that maybe she'd find it more fun if the cat was supposed to be helping and would actually clean up some. But, I should have known, she's beyond such childish notions as a cat helping clean up. Instead, she looked at me like I was completely nuts and told me, "But Mom, Bogart doesn't even have any hands!" Smartie-pants!

Most the time I'm quite sure that I'm not getting through to Brianna when I tell her things. Especially if those things I'm telling her involve doing something (or rather, not doing something) that she disagrees with me on. Take my make-up drawer in the master bathroom. Bree likes to be in there with me while I get ready to go and has been known to fish around in my drawer to come up with extra make-up or hairspray...things that I really don't want her playing with since they make horrible messes and so on. (Honestly, after 7 or 8 days in a row cleaning up dark brown eyeshadow off the floor and walls and every inch of your kid, you lose patience with it.) So, every day she tries to sneak something out of there and every day I say, "No. This is Mommy's drawer with Mommy's things in it. You have your own make-up. (Some of my empty powder compacts, etc.) You have your own drawers with Brianna's things in your bathroom." Well, up to this point this hasn't seemed to make a difference or really sink in. I thought I was just getting ignored, until this morning that is. I was lying in bed trying to pretend I was still asleep and catch 10 minutes more of shut-eye while Travis got ready for work. Bree had already jumped out of bed and was in the bathroom with him. I didn't catch what he said to her but suddenly I heard her telling him very clearly, "This is Mommy's drawer and she asked me to not get into it!" Not that that stops her....

Then there was the case of the "great fall". See, not only does she have an answer for everything she always seems to be updating her vocabulary to more grown-up words and phrases. In this case we just got a package of nursery rhyme fun activities. (Each month we get a package of toddler oriented themed activities to do together with a book, music, stickers, etc.) So, we'd been reading and talking about nursery rhymes together and had read about Humpty Dumpty, which was a new story for Bree. A few hours later Bree managed to trip and fall down bad enough to make her cry. But, never one to want to lose her dignity she sucked it up, walked into the room and informed me, "Mom, I had a great fall but I'm okay now!"

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


It seems I often find myself writing about how amused I am when Bree uses unexpected words or phrases correctly. However, it's even funnier I think on those occasions when we have verbal misunderstandings, like in these cases.....

The other day for lunch Bree and I shared a bowl of Ramen noodles. (Actually, I was having Ramen noodles. Brianna had already eaten a PB and J and some veggies but naturally, with her food sharing obsession she just had to have some of mine too.) Well, since that's a rather sloppy meal to try and share out of one bowl I quickly put some of the soup into a separate bowl for her and we both chowed down quite happily. Bree was saying, "Mmm. Mmm. I love noodles! Do you love noodles? Noodles are sure good," and so on. After a few minutes of this she glanced over at my bowl and noticed that I had already finished all my noodles.

"Mom, where's your noodles?" she asked.
"I ate them up," I told her, "Now all I have is some broth."
After looking concerned for a minute she said, "In your bra?"
"No," I laughed, "See this?" I pointed to the broth in my bowl. "This is broth."
"Oh," she said. But a minute later she just couldn't let it go. "Mom your noodles are in your bra?" she asked pointing to her chest. (Bree knows what a bra is and where it goes too. In fact, she likes to take one of mine and put her arms through the straps, then waltz around the house with it drooping off. She's even said before, "I wish I had a bra." But, that's another story....)
"My noodles went in my tummy," she informed me as well.
"Mine did too," I said, "But I still have BROTH left in my bowl." I said pointing.

I spent a few more minutes trying to clarify the situation (because Lord knows I don't want Bree to end up telling someone I put noodles in my bra) but I don't think it really helped. She dropped the subject but I'm not sure if I got through or not.

She's one smart cookie but I guess some concepts are just still a little abstract for a toddler...who knew broth would be one of them?

Brianna has had several "owies" in the past few weeks, mainly on her legs as she gets accostomed to the new layout of the house and so forth. So, she's had a few scrapes on her knees and thighs. Being a toddler she naturally thinks that even the non-bleeding types of injuries deserve a band-aid. And she can even tell you why. "Mom, I need a band-aid to help me heal!" she'll tell me. (With Daddy being in a science field he's already talked with her about how our bodies can heal our owies.) Well, this week we've had two little boo-boos that are almost completely healed. As opposed to having scabs they're now smooth skin, just a red mark left where there was open skin. Brianna has really noticed that this time around and keeps pointing to the mark. "Mom, am I healed?" "Yep, your body healed itself. Your owie is gone now." I told her. "Mom, where did it go, in my butt?"

Now, I have NO IDEA where this idea came from. Maybe because the "butt" has an open area kind of like an owie is open at first? Or perhaps Bree thinks the word "body" refers to her rear end? I don't know but it was the weirdest thing to say!

"No, not in your butt. Why would you say that? It's just all better. Your body made it better." I said. "It went in my butt?" she asked. "No, not in your butt. That's enough now." I said.

What the heck? Where do they come up with these things?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Brianna's First Roll of "Film"

Obviously, Bree is no stranger to a camera. Her dad's been in her face with the snapshots since the first day she arrived. And in the past she's managed to grab the camera and snap off a few random pix. But today Trav actually let her play with our small camera and go nuts. The results are pretty surprising I think...she managed to take quite a few pictures that weren't all blurs. Maybe she's got Daddy's photography-loving gene? Who knows, but anyways I thought I'd share some of her "film" (it was actually a digital camera so...) with you for your enjoyment...

And yes, she really did take all of these all by her little self with no help or anything. Point and click!

There were alot of these type shots, you know, with hands or fingers blocking the lens. Here's the top of her palm and the starts of three fingers. I kind of like it though, it's sort of abstract arty.

After awhile she started to get the hang of it. This one is pretty good (I jokingly call this one Trav's pin-up shot) even though there's still a finger in there.

There we there's no fingers in the picture, and no head either. Although, I have to say that's not bad. I know a few adults who take pictures this same way every time, but I won't name any names (MOM!).

Finally Trav had to bend over so he'd actually get his face in the shot.

Then she got really good and started taking pix of her little friends. This is a great shot of Ginger the puppy. Really, isn't it good for a toddler taken picture?

Buzz Lighyear to the rescue!

Perhaps figuring that everyone always uses their cameras to take pictures of her anyways, Bree's last several shots are of herself. Yes, a brilliant, "Picasso-esque" self study, (only with both ears attached).