Friday, March 31, 2006

Bubble Head

Bath time is a highlight of the day for Bree. She loves to get in the warm water and "plash! plash!" She's got quite a few rubber duckies, and froggies, some windup fish that swim, and a bath time Pooh Bear and Piglet that she particulary loves to wash with a washcloth. Her favorite part though is when it's time to put the shampoo on...or as she calls it, being "bubble-head." She likes to stand there with bubbles in her hair and tell us...."mommy, bubblehead! daddy, bubblehead," to make sure we have noticed and appreciated how cool it is that she has bubbles on her head. Unfortunately, there are usually tears when the bubbles have to get washed off the head. But, she perks up again when she gets to have her "geen towl."

Dress Up

Brianna loves to play dress up! She has a lot of wardrobe choices too. Sometimes she wears her orange grass skirt and sunglasses, sometimes she wears a rain hat and "bacelets", sometimes it's a woven sunhat and a purse. Whatever she wears she always looks fashionable and adorable and we have a lot of fun!

Bree in her kitty hat from Grammy Taylor and her Pooh Bear purse made especially for her by Grammy Dee-Dee.

My pretty little girl!

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Brianna has already learned that when she sneezes Mommy and Daddy will say "Bless You." And, when she hears someone sneeze she makes sure to say "bless you" to them, she even blesses herself when she sneezes! Today though she figured out how to fake it. She spent probably half an hour wandering around the house going "achoo! 'neeze, bless you!....achoo! bless you!....achoo!" If mommy didn't jump in and say bless you every time then Brianna would make sure to remind me "bless you Mommy, bless you." She got so into it that she even pretended her rocking horse was sneezing and blessed him several times too.

A Silly Morning

Today Bree seemed to do a lot of funny little things, we just had a silly morning I guess! First thing this morning she was eating her breakfast and watching Jojo's Circus on TV. I was zoned out drinking my coffee when she turns to me and says "silly Jojo." It made me smile. After breakfast while I was tidying up the dishes I turned around to find that she had unzipped her pajamas and was halfway undressed. "baby, out, jammies," she told me. So, we got dressed for the day and she started playing in her room while I was finishing in the kitchen. Later, as I walked in to join her she said "Hi Mommy," so I said "Hi Sweetie," to which she responded "Hi Sweetie!"

Where'd it Go?

One of Brianna's favorite questions these days is "where'd it go?" She asks that question about everything....when she can't find Bear, "where'd Bear go? Bear, Bear, where are you Bear?" Or when she's lost one of her toys "where'd pish (fishing pole) go?" Even when she can't find her daddy, "where'd Daddy go?" The best part is when she answers herself though. She'll hold her little hands out with palms up and say "I dunno." She will even ask this question about herself. Her new game is to stand behind her crib in the corner of her room and ask "where'd baby go?" Then she'll peek out from around the corner to tell whoever is in the room "baby hiding!"

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Since today's weather was actually pretty nice, mid 40's and sunny, a trip to the park sounded nice. So, after Brianna woke up from her nap we started getting ready to go. As I was putting her shoes on Bree said "Boots too play?" (Brianna has a little stuffed yellow monkey, who she insisted we put her snow boots on. She calls him Boots after the monkey, who also wears boots, that she watches in Dora the Explorer.) So Boots got to come too. On the drive to the park she started saying "Boots, stop it! Stop it Boots! Stop it!" Boots didn't seem to be doing anything though so Brianna explained..."Boots ky-ing (crying) Mommy." Once we got to the park Boots seemed to cheer up though. Bree made sure to include him by asking him "Boots cawee?" (Do you want me to carry you Boots?) and "Boots play?" He went down the slide a few times but then he got tired so he sat in the stroller the rest of the time.

'Ghetti Lunch

We had a crabby start to the day, with lots of fits and crying where Bree would occasionally pause to tell me "baby ky-ing" (to make sure Mommy felt suitably concerned for her). But, Brianna perked up when she found out we were having spaghetti for lunch. She wanted to wear her "fish bib" (her bib with Dr. Seuss fishes on it), and then sat down to eat lunch and said " 'ghetti, mommy 'ghetti, mmm.." She really likes her "ghetti!" After she was "all done" she helped me wipe her hands and face. As I was lifting her down I said "All right!" and was surprised by a little echo of "ah-wite!" :)

Monday, March 27, 2006


Brianna’s favorite color right now is green. Although she is can also say “peent” (pink), “boo” (blue), “onge” (orange), “weyo” (yellow), and “puhpa” (purple), she definitely prefers green. She likes her green sippy cup best and asks for “geen water” when she’s thirsty. In fact, she likes green so much that’s what she named one of her bears. She has two bears that are her best buds and although the one is just called Bear the other one is now called Green. When we leave the house though, she is only allowed to take one bear and she always chooses Bear. Then she sits Green down in her room and tells him “sit down Geen, bye-bye Geen…” Her obsession for the color green has even spilled into her fashion accessories. She has recently discovered the usefulness of sunglasses. After she had been complaining about the sun in her eyes, her daddy showed her she could wear her tiny sunglasses and see better. So, now she insists on wearing them whenever we leave the house, “gasses, gasses, Mommy, sun!” Needless to say when her little pink pair of sunglasses broke the other day, Mommy felt the need to go shopping for new ones immediately. At the mall they had a big selection and she got to choose her favorites and yep, you guessed it, they’re green!

Here they are, the three amigos. Brianna, Bear and Green (who is actually the tan one!)

Brianna in her new green sunglasses.

FisherGirl in Training

Even though it’s too cold outside to go fishing, (the lakes are still frozen!), Travis has still found a way to keep his girl in training. The past few days they have been "fishing" off the side of the bed. Brianna will ask for her “pish poe” (fishing pole) and off they go. They usually have a ball. Everything was going well this time too until Trav accidentally bonked Bree on the cheek with the plastic fish on the end of the line. She was upset and cried and then told us, "pish bites!"

Brianna "fishing" with Daddy.

What they were fishing for....

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Burgers, Playtime, and a Milkshake

After yesterday, Brianna had some cabin fever so we decided to take her out for some fun today. First, we went out for lunch at McDonalds. Then, since the weather here is still cold and snowy we took her to play at the indoor play area, Edinborough Park. It's really neat inside with paths, trees, plants, fountains and Adventure Peak, a huge playland for kids. We forgot to bring the camera so no pictures of it, unfortunately. (But, you can check out the place by clicking on the link listed on this page.) Brianna was excited to get to wear the orange admission "bacelet" and was soon climbing, sliding, jumping and running all over. After that we decided to get a milkshake from Dairy Queen. Bree said "nummy, 'cream... daddy share... baby some?" So of course, she ate most of it.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Laundry Day Helper

Today was just a laid back, stay at home day. Brianna helped out doing the laundry by trying to haul a whole laundry bag full of clothes down the hall! She looked really dinky slowly hauling the bag inch by inch and all the way declaring "baby helping." Finally, she gave up and opted to ride on top of the bag like a sled while Daddy pulled it down the hall.