Friday, November 30, 2007

Briefs on Bree

Bedtime Angel
It's true, the toddler/preschool age kid can be a handful and wear you down. But then, they also have their moments of pure sweetness as well. For us this moment has been bedtime. Maybe due to the time change, and therefore dark now falling much sooner, Bree has been a pure angel at bedtime. In fact, lately she'll even go into the bathroom and call out, "Mom! Dad! I'm ready to brush my teeth and feed Reddy (the fish) and put on my PJ's and go to bed!" How weird is that? My 3 yr old is virtually putting herself to bed! I'm sure this won't be a phase that lasts so I better enjoy it now huh?


"Mom I know you like me every day!"
Me: "That's right I do."
Bree: "Mom I like you every day sometimes."
Me: "You do?"
Bree: "Yeah sometimes."

I guess the truth hurts huh?:) At least it's good that she knows I like her everyday no matter what and I suppose also good that she can be truthful and admit that there are some days when I'm not her favorite person. Oh well, such is the role of a true Mom, I'm resigned to the fact that a good Mom is not always their kids' best friend. Besides, tomorrow I'll be back to being her supermom so it's okay.

The Kid
We sometimes call our kids by little nicknames or pet names. With Brianna, it was "the Bean." (You know because at the first ultrasound we thought she looked like a tiny little bean in there.) And so you can overhear us on occasion say things like, "What's the Bean up to?" and so forth. Noah has several nicknames at the moment. I often call him Bubba, because he's a hefty boy. But Trav's nickname of choice is "Noah the kid" or just "the kid." Naturally, like she does, Bree has picked this right up and now she says things to me like, "Hey Mom, the kid's awake." or "The kid's crying again."

Three year olds are rather accident prone and clumsy for the most part because they don't really observe their environment before they start jumping around and acting crazy in it. The other day this was the case when Bree starting monkeying around in the living room and ended up knocking over a nearby glass of water off the coffee table. "Oops!" she said, "It's okay I'll clean it up!" Then she ran over and grabbed a kitchen towel, ran back and began vigorously rubbing at the water spot on the carpet. Well, she cleaned SO very vigorously that she managed to knock a cup of coffee off the table as well, right into the very same wet spot! She looked so surprised and distraught that it made Travis and I laugh, she was being so sweet about cleaning up her mess. I guess note to self though, stop leaving old beverages sitting around where my active preschooler can knock them over.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The Kid Made of Cheese

Travis is kind of, well quirky. It's just a fact of life and is one of the reasons I love him, just makes him kind of fun (or drives me completely nuts depending on the day, my hormone level and my mood!) :) I mean we're all quirky in our own ways but Travis has specific quirks about him that are fairly unmistakably "Trav" habits (like the sock lobbing thing). One those very Trav things is making up silly songs on the spot and singing them all the time, or making up new words to an old song (lots of times because he can't remember the real words.) And, it seems each kid gets their own tune. For Brianna it's set to the tune of BINGO. "There was a kid named Brianna and Brianna was her name-o. B-R-IANNA B-R-IANNA, B-R-IANNA and Brianna was her name-o!"

I've been waiting to see what Noah's song would be but now it seems to have definitely settled in for good. His tune is set to "Charma Chameleon." It goes, "Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah, Noah the kid is small and made of cheese, and made of che-e-e-eese!" Not quite sure where the cheese thing came from, but I keep telling Travis he's gonna confuse the poor kid. At least now we'll know where it came from when we get a note from the kindergarten teacher about how little Noah thinks he's made of cheese!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Male Bonding

Wanted to share a picture of Noah and Travis having a real male bonding moment the other day:

I don't know what it is about Travis, it happened with both kids, you hand him the baby and in just a few minutes, zzzzzzz, both are completely zonked out. I'm not sure if he has the Sandman touch with all kids or just our own but I certainly can't do this. (I think because the minute they see me they get other big ideas, if you know what I mean.) So, the boys here are bonding over a particularly male favorite, nappin on the couch. Although, I'm not sure if at this point I should be concerned that most of their "bonding" seems to happen while they're both unconscious. :) Actually, they have other things in common involving sleep...

Like the way they both sleep with their hands behind their head and elbows stickin' out. It's just funny to me that Noah already sleeps like this, just like his Daddy.

Another day, another nap with the elbows sticking straight out.
(And see? Until now you were sure that Noah only napped in his swing weren't you?)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Thanksgiving Mayhem

Our Thanksgiving holiday started out quietly and innocently enough, I never would have guessed that the evening would end up with my own screaming....

We decided just to have a quiet Thanksgiving at home this year (vs. taking both our small kids on the fairly long drive to Idaho) but still wanted to have the traditional meal with all the fixin's so we spent most the day cooking and eating, nothing unusual there. Our turkey took just a little longer to cook through than we had thought and we ended up eating at around 2 pm, which as it turns out, is right around Bree's normal nap time everyday. But, seeing as it was a special day, we were just sitting down to eat, and the fact that Brianna seemed to show no signs of being tired or cranky, we decided to let the nap go for one day - a decision that would soon be coming back to haunt us. Of course, at the time we had no way of knowing this and the day passed in a flurry of turkey, cranberry sauce and hangin' out on the couch.

Then it was time for dessert. We were invited over to some friends to bond over pie. And so,that evening off we headed with our two kiddos in tow, over to our new friends' house where they waited with their own two kids. (This was actually a bit confusing for Bree since its been getting darker earlier here. So as we were leaving she was going, "But it's dark out!") Anyways the four of us, our two pies and Jello dessert made it safely to their house. And things started out nicely enough, we all ate some dessert and the kids played and watched some TV. This was all well and good until someone suggested that it might be fun for the adults to play a board game. Sensing their parents might actually get to have more then a few minutes of adult interaction, all the children decided to attack us simultaneously with various strategized whining, crying, and general neediness. Suddenly, children who would, if allowed, sit and watch hours and hours of TV a day claim to have NO desire to watch it, in fact they HATE it and are just BORED. Some want to GO HOME and some think they're old enough to play our game and feel they are just being TREATED LIKE A BABY that they don't get to play (despite the fact that none of the kids were over the age of 5 and really can't play Cranium).

Despite these setbacks we adults persevered and finally, about 45 minutes later we got them all settled down and otherwise occupied, (finding ourselves in the odd position of trying to actually CONVINCE our own children that they DO want to watch TV). And we settled in to play the game....although the circus-y atmosphere continued. Inevitably there were interruptions, someone was hungry, someone needed help going potty, someone took someone else's toy and so forth. But the game continued with our teams trying to communicate with each other by trying to read each other's lips or shouting, the kids' loud and constant background noise making regular conversation impossible. (It's amazing just how much noise, how much talking in exuberant voices 3 small children and an infant can do!) We'd quickly roll the dice and impersonate a celebrity or try to draw a picture with our eyes closed in between changing diapers and nursing. If you have young kids, I know you know what I'm talking about...can't you just picture it? It was complete chaos. :)

Alas, our game ended abruptly when Bree just had enough and went into a major meltdown. With no nap, staying up later than normal, and the extra excitement we had pushed her a little too far and she just couldn't handle it anymore and everything made her cry, poor kid. She went into one of those modes where she's gonna be mad no matter what - if the TV's on she wants it off, when you turn if off she bawls that she wanted it on, when you turn it back on then she doesn't want THAT show but a different one....she wants you to hand her a game piece off the board, but not THAT color the other one, her socks are in a wad, you name it. Anyways, that signaled the end of our evening, we gave up and tried to pick up our messes, bundle up, grab the leftovers and hurry home to put our over-tired babies to bed. But, as is the nature of traveling with kids and pies in tow at the same time (both needed a lot of attention and take up arm space) we managed to forget something. As we settled into the car Travis says to me, "Hey, weren't you wearing a coat?" "Oh yeah," I said, "Let me just run inside and grab it." And so I did, and two minutes later I was back. I pulled open the car door and quickly slid into my seat.... only to find myself shrieking and jumping back out in about 2.5 seconds because I had the unpleasant experience of SITTING IN A DISH OF RASBERRY JELLO. (Which was apparently sitting in my seat because Trav had needed to put it down to turn around and talk to a still bawling Brianna at the time. Although, when I was getting back in Travis was looking right at me and didn't say anything, evidently having, in that 2 minute span, completely forgotten that such a thing as Jello was ever invented.) Well, you can imagine, upon feeling my rear settle into cold squishiness I leaped back out going "AAAAAGGGHHH!"

Naturally, in his extreme remorse over leaving the Jello in my seat Trav's reaction was to laugh hysterically and Brianna's was to bawl harder from the back seat which made Noah start in as well. And the situation was only made worse by the fact that our friend happened to be coming out of his house to take his dog on a late walk and witnessed the whole thing. Not seeing what happened his reaction to my scream was to run over and say, "What happened? Are you okay?" "I'm fine," I reassured him, "I just SAT in our Jello!" "Oh," he replied, taking in my now red and runny rear. "I see. Well, I bet this is the first time anybody can call you a Jello Butt!" he quipped. (Which I later decided to take as a compliment since, as I've said, I feel very comfortable with the size of my backside as the mother of two.) And a few minutes later we were finally headed for home, Brianna and Noah both sobbing away lustily in the back seat, Travis unable to stop himself from bouts of maniacal laughter and me, sitting on a plastic grocery bag, my feet elevated so as not to squish the leftover pie sitting in my foot space and alternately shooting accusing glances at my husband every few minutes and staring at my own butt impression within the sad remains of the raspberry Jello in my hands. Ultimately though, I ended up laughing about it just as much as Travis, it was either that or cry, and the situation was just so ludicrous I had to laugh. And oddly enough, for some reason, it seemed even more funny at the time that both the kids were in the back seat bawling their eyes out. And there we were, the kids wailing in back and both parents laughing like crazed hyenas in the front seat....what a sight we must have been if anyone were watching.

And that is the story of how, on Thanksgiving night, I ended up hopping around in the snow with blobs of red goo rapidly freezing onto my backside. Classic.

I can only hope your holiday was just as good! :)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

First Food

At our last well baby check, the pediatrician said we could go ahead and start rice cereal whenever we wanted. So we went ahead and gave it a try the other night....

Figuring out the whole spoon/mouth/swallow thing is pretty hard on your first attempt.

Noah kept trying to lick the cereal off the spoon. :)

Here he is taking a little break and staring his cereal down.

I love the hair in this one!

Aahh..look at the messy face, don't you just want to kiss it?

It didn't take too long before big sis wandered over to check out what was going on. And, judging from this picture it's obvious that Noah doesn't like her at all huh? :P

Of course, pretty soon she wanted in on the act too. Mommy's big helper.
(Oh and she's not naked back there, but as usual, was running around with just the bare minimum on.)

Bree really gets a kick out of being the little Mommy. It was really funny, she was even going "Noah, here comes the airplane!" (Which I hadn't been saying so...)

Judging by this expression, I think Noah found the whole "baby food" experience to be a pretty good one overall, even if most the cereal ended up on his face instead of in his mouth.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

I guess the snow gods must have heard Bree's frustration with only getting small spitz of snow falling last week and decided to smile upon her. Yesterday we got dumped on! It snowed for over 24 hours straight and we now have at least a whole foot of fresh now outside. That means, Brianna got her wish of playing in it and we even sledded a little but it was so powdery and deep it didn't make for good sledding. She was pretty happy about the whole thing, although she was still a bit confused about if Santa would be coming now that there's lots of snow.

Here's Bree trying to wade through it, pretty hard for a little gal when it's up over your knees!

Actually she spent a lot of time like this, rolling around on her belly in the snow, not necessarily by choice either but just because it was so hard for her to walk in she kept tripping and landing like this. But she took it with a good spirit and just laughed about it.

She had a lot of fun though being waist deep in snow.

And we even convinced her to slow down enough to pose for a few shots with her parents (sort of). It was right after this that she realized she was cold and said, "I'm shivering! Let's go inside and have a warm bath!"

So I guess around here it's looking like a white Thanksgiving! (Oh and if you're wondering where the baby was when all this was going on he was sound and safe, asleep all warm and cozy in his crib so I thought I'd let him finish his nap instead of waking him up to drag him into the cold. He had to live this experience vicariously through his baby monitor....maybe he dreamed of snow?)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Differences of Opinion

It seems the kids and I are having some differences of opinion lately, a few clashes over some things. Or, to put it another way, if, as they say, all the world is a stage and we are the actors in the play then at our house we are having some differing artistic visions.

For example, Bree seems to see herself as a naked character whereas I would like her to be clothed. I just don't know what it is with the kid lately but as soon as we get home she strips down to her scivvies and runs around the house that way. You'd think with the weather getting colder she wouldn't be wanting to go with less clothing but alas, nothing but underwear is all the rage for her now. I guess it's really not that big of a deal except for when someone happens to come to the door and Brianna runs up wearing nuthin, or that Bree has a tendency to think the back door is a really great toy and tries to spend a lot of time opening and closing it, opening it and standing there right in the doorway in her undies. Brrr...I say, not to mention I just don't think that we should bond with the neighbors that way. So, this little game usually ends up with me locking the door and her in tears. Mean me, won't let her flash the neighborhood, such a prude I am.

Noah and I also find ourselves somewhat at odds with how we picture life. See he envisions himself constantly attached to me, permanently nursing away getting his milk high. (You know, the milk buzz as I sometimes call it. Pretty much every baby I've seen, after nursing, comes away with glassy eyes, lids half closed and all limp... I don't know what's in that stuff but sometimes I feel like I'm a drug dealer-you know distributing a substance that someone is highly addicted too, starts feeling cranky if they don't get it on a regular basis, etc. The milk buzz.) Well obviously I have a different opinion on that one as well, (I mean feeding him is one thing, becoming a human pacifier is another), especially since Noah's new fun habit is pulling my hair. I swear he does it on purpose and thinks it's fun 'cause every time it comes within his reach, there he'll be with a death grip on a fistful of my hair, grinning away like the Cheshire cat whereupon I have to pry it back out, strand by strand.

Oh well, I guess all children and parents have differing viewpoints on life it's just who knew that it would start so early? :)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Snowflakes and Shots

It was a big day here today. First off it snowed all day today! Although we didn't get any to stick on the ground, it was all melting right away but we got all kinds of flurries, from big wet flakes to little dry ones all throughout the day. It was pretty and fun to watch although I think it just frustrated Bree more than anything. I mean, don't get me wrong, she was excited about it, too excited! For one thing she immediately wanted to break out the sled and when we explained there wasn't enough snow to actually go sledding in she was pretty put out. Then she decided that since it had snowed that must mean Santa is coming tomorrow! (Perhaps partially due to the fact that in the summer when she was asking about Christmas we were trying to explain that it doesn't happen until it's snowy, but we didn't mean right after the first snow of course!) And, once again, she was bummed out when we had to say that wasn't gonna happen either. She took it pretty well but she kept saying, "But, it snowed!"

We had to drive out into the snow today as well since it was Noah's 4 month old well baby check up. He's a very healthy boy! He's now 27 and 1/2 inches tall (which puts him over the 95% for height) and weighs 16 lbs (putting him at the 75% for weight). So he has officially outgrown his infant carseat already (too tall!). This is the same one that Brianna used until she was almost a year old! But, poor baby he had to get shots and had a cranky afternoon and who can blame him? Actually I got my flu shot as well. When the nurse got the needle out Brianna said, "Mom are you gonna scream?" So I told her, "No, I'm gonna be brave!" But she still covered her ears just in case I did scream. Then it was her turn for her flu vaccination. She said, "Mom, I don't need one of those!" (a shot). Well, lucky for her she got to do the nasal mist this time. So between me and the nurse sweet talking her we convinced her it wasn't going to be a big deal but right before we did it she asked, "Mom, am I going to scream?" Whereupon I had to explain to her again that it wouldn't hurt. Finally it was the little guy's turn and he had to get 4 shots! Of course he screamed bloody murder and the whole time Bree was going, "Oh Noah Noah Noah..." I think she felt bad for him.

The doctor also said Noah's ready to get started on rice cereal this month. Seems weird to me, didn't he JUST get here? Time seems to be flying by even faster my second time around these my summer baby has already seen his first snowfall and is ready to start on some "solid" foods!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Out of the Mouths of Babes

Just a couple of discussions I've had recently with Bree:

(As we were pulling up to a drive through coffee place...)

Bree: "Mom, are you and Daddy getting a coffee?"
Me: "Yep we are."
Bree: "Mom, does this place have kids' drinks?"
Me: "No sorry baby, just coffees."
Bree: "Kids don't like coffee do they Mom?"
Me: "No, they don't."
Bree: "Mom, maybe when I'm big and old like you I'll drink coffee too."
Me: "Yeah you probably will when you're big and old like me."

(At bedtime the other night...)

Me: "Goodnight Brianna."
Bree: "Mom, do you know how I love you?"
Me: (thinking this meant how much I love you) "Do you know how much I love you?"
Bree: "No Mom, do you know HOW I love you?"
Me: (confused) "How?"
Bree: "Because Mom, we're best friends!"
Me: (aha, how meant why) "Yes we are baby. Love you, see you in the morning!"

Don't kids say funny things? It's quite revealing too what they say since they have yet to develop in internal censor, they just say exactly what's on their mind. And you never quite know what it'll be next, comments about how big and old you are or a heartmelter about being best friends. :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Poor Noah

For some unknown reason Brianna seems to think the contents of Noah's dresser are infinitely interesting. Quite often she wanders into his room and explores the contents of his drawers, or rather, throws the contents onto the floor. I have no idea why onesies and bibs should have so much fascination but I guess they do. It's not uncommon for me to find a teddy bear or dolly wearing one of my little boy's outfits. (Although in fairness to Bree they ARE the perfect dolly size.) Either that or she thinks it's really great to try and wear the tiny clothes herself, forget that they are 6 sizes too small and also boy clothes. There she'll be wearing a bib, or with a little sweater on, the sleeves hitting her at the elbow and the bottom of it coming to rest at her midback, smiling happily. As you've seen though, Bree is fair about it and although she tries on some of his stuff, she also lets him borrow some of hers, like the earmuffs. Although, she seems to strike when Noah is passed out and unable to express any protest. Well, she was at it again this week and here's the evidence:

Poor little Noah, just trying to take a snooze and he once again finds himself put into an awkward position by his sister.

And this is the way I found her at the same time...imagine, I walk into the room to find my son wearing a pretty hair bow and my "big girl" wearing nothing but a newborn hat, a bib and her underwear. (And judging by the expression on her face, thinking she's in trouble-but I just laughed.) Maybe it was some kind of role reversal thing? Who knows? But I made sure to snap these pictures to show off to their future significant others. :)

And it's not just Brianna who seems to put Noah in these uncomfortable situations either. Travis also got in on the act this week...Noah was chillin' out on the floor, kicking and wiggling and trying to figure out the rolling over thing (his big obsession lately) when Travis decides to take off his socks and lob them at the kid. (The whole throwing your socks at your loved ones thing is not a new scenario at our house. I think I've mentioned it before and is just a twisted Trav thing. It's sort of like when a boy likes you in fifth grade he pushes you...well Trav only throws his socks at people he really likes. It's actually a big honor to be clobbered in the face by foot smell. Anyways...) So, out of his complete adoration for his son, Trav throws his smelly old socks over at him and they land right next to Noah's head. Sure enough, right at that time Noah's little hand happened to be in that area and reflexively closed around the sock and then his hand, sock and all, went right to where babies inevitably put their hands...yes, right into his mouth! And there was the baby sucking on his Daddy's dirty old sock! EW! Poor kid probably has foot fungus in there now.

So between unwillingly wearing bows in his hair and unwittingly tasting his Dad's used socks, it's been sort of a tough week for the poor kid. But, hey, I guess being the youngest he better get used to it right? :)

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Monday, November 05, 2007

Bree's Weird Wish List

Brianna is getting old enough now that she has definite opinions about what she wants. You know, if you ask her what she wants for Christmas she has an answer for you regarding this and that toy she's seen (darn commercials!) and thinks is neat etc. Well, like any other kid Bree has things on her wish list like toys or games, etc. But, alongside of that she also has some rather odd items on there. One of those being a snorkel.

I think it all started when she got a Sesame Street beach ball that has pictures of Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Ernie all wearing snorkels. When she first got the ball she kept pointing and asking what was on their faces and we had to tell her those were snorkels and try to explain what they were for. And now she's convinced they are super cool and usually wears her dad's goggles and pretends to be snorkeling whenever she swims... a three year old who really wants a snorkel??

The other interesting item that Bree wants is...bunk beds. Now this is one of those ideas that I'm not sure of the origins so I'll blame my usual scape goat, the TV. I pretty sure Brianna saw bunk beds on some show, or commercial, and she's decided that they are ultimately cool and that every kid should have bunk beds. Quite frequently we have to have a go around about her bed. "Mom, I don't want this bed! I want bunk beds!" "Well, this is the bed you have. We just bought it so this is the one you get." "But Mom!" and etc. Aside from the fact that her toddler bed is relatively new I just don't feel comfortable putting bunk beds in her room. For one thing, the whole climbing the ladder and perhaps getting the brilliant idea to jump off the top bunk and resulting horrible thud and screaming scenario is NOT one I want to play out. And then I'd also have to deal with Bree trying to invite everyone to stay over. No, it's true she's already started. So far the librarian and the lady in charge of our "indoor gym" playtime have been invited over to play in Brianna's room. Not to mention Grammy DeeDee actually got asked to sleep over in the top bunk of Bree's non-existent bunk beds. So can you imagine if she actually had a whole extra empty bed to invite people to??

And then there's this - Bree is dying to get the new Rihanna CD. See, it's Trav's habit to have music videos playing in the background while he works on the computer to do photo editing, which he does quite often considering the sheer volume of pictures he takes. So there he'll be, listening to the top 20 songs of the moment with Brianna hovering nearby and soaking it all up like a sponge. The other day when Travis sat down to work on his most current pixs Bree pipes up with, "Dad, can we listen to Shut Up and Drive? I really like that song!" But she wasn't content to just listen to it, she wanted to actually watch the music video as well. (Thank goodness it's a more tame video - mostly shots of cars and dancing and any innuendos go right over her head.) So, while watching it she was saying things like, "Oh look, that girl's wearing hee heels (high heels). I didn't know she wears hee heels. She might slip. Maybe she likes wearing hee heels all the time....What are those girls doing? I think they're in trouble!" And then sometimes she dances like a maniac. When she's not actually listening to the song lately she can be heard walking down the hall singing lustily, "SHUT UP AND DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE!" Travis and I have watched all this with quite some amusement and on the one hand are sort of mollified that our 3 year old's favorite song is Shut Up and Drive and on the other hand go around smirking at each other about it. However, we have decided to be more careful about what we're listening to when she's around. I guess it's easy to forget that she's old enough now to be picking up on these things, really hearing the words and thinking about them. That is, it's easy to forget until, to your embarassment, your kid's in the grocery store belting out "SHUT UP AND DRIVE!" :)

Perhaps the most creative thing on Bree's weird wish list though is suction cups. This is an idea that most probably came from Larry Boy. One day she just woke up from her nap and said, "Mom, I wish I had suction cups so I could climb up my wall and get my Hungry Hippos game down!" (Hungry Hippos is on the top shelf of her tall bookshelf.) And I have to admit, it would be handy to have some suction cups to climb walls and things.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Breeisms AND Notes on Noah


  • "Totally!" Brianna's favorite new expression. "Mom, I totally just stepped on my rock guitar, oops!" I think she got this one from her dad, who is apparently, like, totally stuck in the 80's rad! :P

  • "I can't hear it!" Something I hear if I try to turn the radio or TV below earsplitting level. I thought this was a teenage phase but no. Bree insists she "can't hear" something if I turn it down to the point where it doesn't give me a headache. She likes it LOUD!

  • "But Mom!" Ah yes, the well used and beloved kid rebuttal when there is nothing else to say. I'm hearing it from Bree quite often lately. "All right kiddo, it's time for bed now." "But MOM!" and that pretty much says it all. Such a short phrase for communicating such levels of protest and frustration from a kid.

Notes from Noah

  • obsession - is what Noah has. You see, like most babies he finds comfort in sucking on his pacifier or thumb. (He finally figured out to suck just his thumb, as opposed to his whole fist.) But his problem is that lately he's been trying to do both at once. This usually results in the binky being in his mouth and his left hand accidentally wandering up to his mouth as well where he somehow manages to hook his thumb through the handle of the pacifier which then gets yanked out of his mouth when he moves his hand. This is very frustrating to him and he just can't figure out why some mean person would keep yanking his beloved binky right out of his mouth! Sometimes this makes him so mad he fusses but then, other times he just keeps on going and pretends there's a pacifier in his mouth. No kidding, sometimes I look at him and see him puckered up and his jaw moving just like he would mack down on his binky.
  • size 3's! - Noah's new diaper size. His thighs just outgrew the 2's already. It's just a bit shocking to me since Brianna just potty trained out of size 4's!
  • purring - Noah's new noise. He seems to think he's a cat lately because his new cooing sounds just like a kitty....sort of a rolling r throaty type of thing. And the funny part is that he does it when he's happy, cooing and purring away.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Trick or Treat!

Well, Halloween is officially over now but we sure had a good time celebrating at our house over the last few days. Bree really got to make use of her costume: there was the Halloween parade first then we went to a party on Tuesday night, yesterday morning we dressed up for Halloween story time at the library and then there was the actual trick or treating to top it all off.

Here's the cowgirl all dressed up and ready to go around the neighborhood. It was so chilly that Noah and I decided to stay home and pass out the candy (we had a ton of trick or treaters!) while Brianna and Travis headed out. That's also why we added the jean jacket, gloves, and bandana to the costume...more for warmth than anything!

Heading out and taking a minute to pose in front of our entryway.

And then of course, you have to check out your bounty after you get back home. :)

Hope you had a nice Halloween as well!