Tuesday, March 13, 2007

One Last Hurrah

Well folks, this is the last post for awhile. The computer is getting packed up tomorrow. Oh, I'll be back online in a week tops although probably still distracted and not blogging daily. But, for now here's a few last pix of the action around here in the last week or so. Hope you enjoy. Talk to you on the flip side of this move....

The Toddler's Survival Guide to Packing and Moving

Obviously, packing and moving can be trying things for a toddler. All the change, Mom and Dad stressed and tired and not playing as much...all your precious toys getting boxed up. Overall though, I'd say Bree is really handling it pretty well. And, she's managed to find things to keep her busy.

And over the course of the last couple days Brianna has had some insights about the whole process. Like...

Even when all your toys are packed up, you can find stuff to do. Trying on one of your mom's shirts can be a good distraction for awhile at least. And it might make you regain a small sense of power. (Look, I'm a Mommy!)
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Empty cabinets are a great source of endless entertainment. You can go in there and close the door, then pop back out. Go in, close the door, pretend to take a nap, come back out. Go in, close the door, come back out. It's great! (Too bad these things normally have toddler proof locks on them.)
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While Mom is distracted with moving stuff, another great activity is to get into her make-up and use her mascara to make yourself some bushy black eyebrows. (After all, that IS where she puts it on every morning, right? Is it? And plus she packed all your toys so...) Make sure to look innocent like this while you do it though so you don't get into trouble.
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...they really help emphasize your expressions. Like, they're great for scowling and making an "angry" face.
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Bushy mascara eyebrows are also great for making a silly face.
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Even when you're super busy packing there's always time for your favorite hobbies, like taking a minute to harass the cat.
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And finally, there's always time for a quick snuggle. (Awww...) :)
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Monday, March 12, 2007

When Toys are Scarce

As the move grows closer more and more of Bree's room, including her toys, are being packed away and so are unavailable. This means that a 2 year old can get pretty desperate for entertainment. Like today when she asked me if she could play with....a lamp cord. (Hey, at least she asked first right?) So, naturally I said NO. This, in her own words, made her feel "very sad that I can't play with the cord." And so this is what she told to her best stuffed bud, Ginger the puppy. The funny part was when Gingy replied back in her apparently very squeaky dog voice, "I'm sorry!"

Saturday, March 10, 2007

The Big Potty

Brianna has been doing really well at the potty training thing lately. (Much to my huge relief and joy in light of my having new tiny buns to diaper arriving this summer.) She's been using her little potty chair for a few weeks now and the last week or so she's also been using the big people potty too. Daddy showed her how she can use her little lid to make it all comfy for a small person so she won't fall in. And, with a stepping stool nearbye she can even go in there, put the lid on the big potty, pull her own pants down, get on and go all without any help. (Although one time she forgot to put the cover on and DID fall in...) She will go both kinds of potty in there...with some bribery of the possibility of a little treat or toy afterwards that is. (Hey, whatever works right?) Actually the "reward" system for this whole potty training thing has gotten a bit complex at my house since Brianna is turning out to be quite the little negotiator. EVERY time she goes potty we have to have a 5 minute bicker session like this:

"Mom, I went poo! You're so proud of me! I get a huh-prise! (surprise)"
"Good job! Great work! Okay let's pick a surprise out."
"Mom, two huh-prises?"
"No, just one."
"Mom, two little ones?"
"Okay two little ones or one big one."
"Mom, three?"
"No, definitely not. Now pick out a potty surprise for doing such a great job!"

This conversation is usually followed by a five minute indecision hovering session over the prize bin since she is more motivated when she gets to choose her own little surprise (as opposed to the easy way of me grabbing something and handing it to her). So, she'll grab something, stare at it a second, throw it back in and grab something new. This is a delicate moment since if you as the parent try to rush the important potty surprise picking moment then she has a meltdown. Finally we have to say, "Pick one! Quick! Decide, we're gonna put the bin back away." After a bribe, er surprise has FINALLY been picked comes the part where we stick a sticker on her potty chart.

"Mom, two stickers?"

and round we go again.....

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Crazy Life

Okay, I know it's been kind of awhile since I last took the time to sit down and write a little something down here. At least, much longer than I normally let the blog go considering it's supposed to be a daily blog. But, it's just been super busy here getting ready for the move...the moving van will be pulling out next week! So, there's my excuse. In fact, I suppose this really isn't an entry either just an explanation of why I'm not posting as often. No time, too tired now, etc. In fact, you may only see one or two more new entries in the next few weeks since I'll be finishing up packing, driving across the country, then unpacking for quite some time. And, with the eminent arrival of #2 soon after that I'm thinking this daily blog might have to turn into a weekly one, we'll see. So, just be patient with me in this time of transition folks. :) I do have some pretty cute "packing" pictures of Bree inside boxes and hiding inside empty kitchen cabinets that I plan to post in the next few days, as soon as I can get them uploaded and so forth so check back.

What?! Still reading? Oh all right if you're that desperate I'll throw you a little bone at least. Here's a few quick cute moments from the past few days....

Like when Bree strolled up to me and asked me, "Hey Mom, are you thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" And I said, "What are you thinkin'?" And she said, "I'm thinkin' I want a popshua (popsicle)."

Or, today when we had to run a few quick errands. I was in a rush and didn't want to take Brianna out of the cart, much to her dissatisfaction. After asking me repeatedly to get down and walk, and me saying no, she finally told me, "Mom, you're driving me crazy!" Only 2 yrs old and her mom is already driving her nuts!

Oh and here's something interesting. For the longest time Bree has had a stuffed kitty named "Motorcycle" or sometimes she calls him "Motorhead." And we've thought that was pretty interesting, but couldn't figure out WHY that was his name for the life of us...that was her only stuffed animal that seemed to have a completely out-of-nowhere creative name. Well, in talking with Bree's friend and our next door neighbor gal, Savannah, today I finally figured out where the name came from. See, this summer on occasion I would let Savannah take Bree down to the apartment's playground area, just the two of them, for short periods of time. Turns out, while they were there one of the apartments that overlooks the playground would have a cat out on the patio quite often. And Savannah and Bree would talk to the little boy who lived there about his cat who's name was, yep, MOTORHEAD. Go figure. Now if I could just figure out why Bree's pink stuffed poodle is now suddenly named "Sick" I'll consider myself a very wise woman indeed.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Potty Huh-prises

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re at the potty training phase in our house and have actually met with some success. (Hooray!) I’m not sure if Bree just decided that she was ready what but she’s just suddenly made big strides in the potty department. (I haven’t changed a stinky diaper in about 2 weeks. Although, wet ones are another story.) Perhaps part of her new motivation has been our “reward” system. If she goes then we give her a “potty surprise” which is some sort of little inexpensive toy or trinket that I’ve found in the $ store. Bree calls them potty “huh-prises,” which is her version of surprise. But, she’s been doing SO well that I’ve had a hard time keeping up with the bribes, uh, I mean potty going incentives. It seems I need to refurbish the supply every few days and it also seems I’ve spent a lot of money on trinkets. So, I had this great idea. Awhile back, in the process of the getting-ready-to-move cleaning and organizing I thinned out Bree’s toys. I ended up taking out a lot of little things that she never touches that were cluttering up the place. I had shoved them away thinking I might be able to use them for just this kind of thing. Well, this last time I ran low on potty surprises I supplemented with a few of these items I’d stashed away. It had been almost a whole month since I’d put them away and I was sure she wouldn’t recognize them. WRONG! She took one look inside the surprise bin and started pointed those exact toys out. “That’s not a potty huh-prise. THAT’S not a potty huh-prise…” Man! Busted! I can’t get away with anything with that kid!